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Van Morrison     
Compilations, Various Dates
DateVenueTitleNo of DisksLabel/SourceSoundArt/setlist/info
1964-1967variousThe Bedroom Tape1CDr-B-
1968-1976variousNo Stone UnturnedFlacHEADA+This CD bills itself as 'The unreleased tapes volume 2' (the official Philospher's Stone called itself volume 1). The insert notes that "All songs are studio out-takes recorded between 1968 and 1976". Released: 1998-01-01.
1969-1971variousGets His Chance To Wail, Vol. I1CDrstudiodemosA-
1969-1971variousGets His Chance To Wail, Vol. II: Naked In The Jungle1CDr/FlacGold Standard SIAE ANA-728/studioAGreat compilation of studiorecordings
1964-1975variousThe Genuine Philosopher Stone3CDrScorpio studio/audATicks in track 13 disc 3
1967-1992variousAstral Weeks "Live"1CDrsbd/aud/studioA+/B-Ticks in last track
1968-1971variousUnplugged in the studio1CDr/FlacstudioADemos from Moondance era
1968-1971variousUnplugged in the studio1CDr/FlacstudioADemos from Moondance era
1971-1984variousCaledonean ImpressionsFlacstudio/taken from bootleg LPB+/A-Studio Outtakes & Demos. w/Frank Zappa: Dead Girls of London
1971-2005variousJust A Man, Vol. 1 (alternate version)Flacvarious sources, 75% sbd/fm/pre-fm, 25% audienceA/A+Fan compilation, great tracks.
1973-1978various The Rare 70's Tape1CDrAudBCompilation of rare live material
1973-2002variousPlays the Blues2CDrSbd/AudA-
1973-2002variousPlays the Blues2CDrSbd/AudA-
2005-2012variousJust a Man, Vol. 2Flac/1CDSbd/FM/pte-FMA/A+Fan compilation, great tracks.
DateVenueTitleNo of DisksLabel/SourceSoundArt/setlist/info
1967-03-09Deventer, BuitensociëteitVan Morrison and BlizzardsFlacAudB+Blizzards: Herman Brood, vocals; Eelco Gelling, guitar; Willy Middel, bass; Hans Waterman, drums.
DateVenueTitleNo of DisksLabel/SourceSoundArt/setlist/info
1970-04-26San Francisco, CAFillmore West 19701CDr-A-
1970-10-09San Francisco, CA Fillmore WestJust Like Way Back In The Days Of Old1CDrSbdA-
1971-05-14Cotati, CALive at the Inn Of The Beginning1CDrAudB+-
1971-08-08San Anselmo, CA The Lion's ShareMy New World Crystal Ball2CDrRattlesnake 255/56/SbdA-
1971-09-05Pacific High Studio'sInto the Mystic2CDr/FlacSbdA-
1972-04-27Santa Monica, CA Civic AuditoriumDark Shades of Soul Volume IFlacAudA-w/The Caledonia Soul Orchestra
1972-04-28Santa Monica, Ca Civic AuditoriumDark Shades of Soul Volume IIIFlacAudA-w/The Caledonia Soul Orchestra
1973-00-00variousIt's Too Late To Stop Now2CDrSbdA+Original acetate, extra tracks, different runningorder
1973-00-00variousIt's Never Too LateFlac/1CDDynamite Studios DS92A038 / SbdA+Original acetates recorded during Van Morrison & The Caledonia Soul Orchestra's World Tour, 1973. Like the album above, this was the basis for one of the best live albums ever official released: It's Too Late To Stop Now.
1973-02-15San Anselmo, CAThe Lion Roars2CDr-A--
1973-05-26Los AngelesIt ain't why, it just is!1CDrCD MusicA+-
1973-11-02DublinTalk About Pop1CDrSbdA-Irish TV show, solo acoustic set
1974-02-02San Francisco, CAWinterlandFlacMastering JTTA/A-Great show. Band: Dahaud Shaar, drums; James Trumbo, keyboards; Ralph Wash, guitar; David Hayes, bass; Dorothy Morrison, backing vocals; Bill Combs, backing vocals.
1974-04-06CopenhagenFalkoner TeatretFlacSbdA-Band: Van Morrison vocals, guitar, saxophone, harmonica; Dahaud Shaar drums; James Trumbo keyboards; Ralph Wash guitar; David Hayes, bass; James Rothermel saxophone. Sound lacks bass.
1974-06-24Amsterdam, Vara StudiosAmsterdam's TapesFlacStudioA-Recorded live at the Vara Studios. Band: Van Morrison lead vocals, acoustic guitar; Dr. John piano, organ, vocals, percussion; Mick Ronson lead guitar, vocals; Leo Nochentelli rhythm guitar; Art Neville organ; Jo Modeliste drums; George Porter JR. bass
1974-06-30MontreuxIf you don't Like it, go Fuck Yourself1CDrLife LiveA+-
1974-11-01New York City, NYThe Felt Forum1CDr-A--
1974-11-16Anaheim, CA Convention CenterDark Shades Of Soul, Volume 4FlacAudA-One of 2 known performances of "Cul De Sac" from the Veedon Fleece album. Circulated in 2002 via the VanTrades list as "Dark Shades Of Soul, Volume 4".
1977-06-22Hilversum, Vara StudiosWonderland tapes2CDrFM RadioAw/Dr. John
1978-11-01New York, NY Bottom Line nightclubVan the Man1CDrAmerican Concert SeriesAWNEW-FM broadcast 10 tracks, incomplete show
1978-11-01New York, NY Bottom Line nightclubThe Bottom Line2CDrAmerican Concert SeriesAWNEW-FM broadcast14 tracks, complete show?
1978-11-26Los AngelesMojo at the Roxy2CDrCeltic Soul ProductionsAw/Katie Kissoon
1979-10-21Berkeley, CABerkeley Community TheatreFlac/1CDpre-FM RadioA-
DateVenueTitleNo of DisksLabel/SourceSoundArt/setlist/info
1981-05-23Rotterdam, Ahoy-FlacFMABroadcast of NCRV Festival. Incomplete show.
1981-05-23Rotterdam, AhoyNCRV Festival '81FlacRattlesnake RS 075/FMA+Broadcast of NCRV Festival. Incomplete but recommended show with excellent sound. Released in 2001, w/bonustracks.
1981-07-00Sausalito, CA The Record PlantBeautiful Vision OuttakesFlac/1CDrStudioA-
1982-03-21LondonDominion Theatre2CDr-B+-
1982-04-04EssenLive in Essen1CDrLive StormA-
1982-04-23San Francisco, CAGreat American Music Hall1CDrAudA--
1982-10-30DublinGaiety TheatreFlac/2CDAudA-Bit muddy sound.
1982-11-08San Francisco, CA Great American Music HallRock Me BabyFlac/1LPBlank White Labels / VTM 8082 - 1/2 AudA-Late show. Mastered from Vinyl & Artwork, JTT
1984-02-07Frankfurt, KongreshalleMr. ThomasFlac/2LPVTM 001-A/B, VTM 002-C/DA-Source: Near Mint Vinyl Albums. Mastered from Vinyl & Artwork, JTT 2011-02.
1984-06-18LondonDominion Theatre2CDr-A-Sharp sound, lacks bass
1984-07-01Sceaux, Parc de Sceaux"Un Concert Dans Le Parc"1CDrLegendary TaperAOpening for Bob Dylan
1985-10-12LondonDominion Theatre2CDr/FlacLegendary TaperA-Sharp sound, lacks bass
1986-09-29AmsterdamCarré Theatre1CDrAudA'We play for hoursandhoursandhoursandhours', Van sings.
Not this night in Carré. Van was in a hurry, took no pauses between songs and was of stage within 55 minutes. Including encores this show took only 70 minutes. Good show anyway.
1987-06-21GlastonburyRave On1CDrSbdA+-
1987-06-21Pilton, Shepton MalletSomerset Glastonbury Festival2CDr-AExcellent, complete show
1988-07-25St. Andrews, ScotlandFife Aid1CDrSbdA-scratches on track 13
1988-09-10Dublin, National StadiumNorthern Muse2CDr-B+w/The Chieftains
1988-09-15Belfast, The Ulster HallSongs Of Innocence1CDrSbdAAn Ulster television production (broadcast on Channel 4 in UK)/w/The Chieftains
1988-10-09Helsinki, KultisCeltic Champions Compose2CDr-A-w/The Chieftains
1989-11-30New YorkBeacon Soundboard2CDrSbdA-
DateVenueTitleNo of DisksLabel/SourceSoundArt/setlist/info
1990-07-11MontreuxLive in Montreux1CDrThe Swinging'Pig recordsA-
1991-00-00EuropePagan Streams2CDrBig MusicA-
1991-03-31The Hague, The Real Complete CongresgebouwNorth Sea Jazz2CDr-A-
1993-03-22LondonWild Night Hammersmith Apollo2CDrSilver RaritiesA-
1995-12-17DublinFrom Dublin Up To Sandy Row2CDrThe Pristine/FMA+-
1996-04-28 & 05-01New York City, NYThe Best of The Supper Club4CDr-A-Van in great shape
1996-05-05Memphis, TNMoondance in Memphis2CDrBrown Nose Records 101/2/SbdA/A-Beale Street Music Festival
1997-07-19Montreux, Auditorium StravinskiThe Gala Night2CDrSbdA+Montreux Jazz Festival/Highly recommended
1999-07-09Loreley, GermanyLive at the Loreley1DVDTC Rockpalast--
DateVenueTitleNo of DisksLabel/SourceSoundArt/setlist/info
2000-04-20Blackpool, The Opera HouseA Night at the Opera2CDr/tao-A-
2001-05-25Warsaw, Sala KongresowaFirst time in Warsaw2CDrSbd/FMA+Broadcasted may 2001 on Polish TV
2001-10-00Beckington, Wool Hall StudiosChoppin' Wood1CDrStudioA+Aborted abumproject w/Linda Gail Lewis
2002-06-06BerlinMeet me in...2CDrLive X-Pert/SbdA+Complete version
2002-07-12LuganoEstival Jazz LuganoFlacSbdA+The Real Complete Soundboard Version
2002-07-17Vitoria, Polideportivo de MendizorrotzaVitoria-Gasteiz Jazz Festival2CDrSbdA+Vitoria-Gasteiz Jazz Festival
2003-11-25Malvern, England Forum TheatreLive and Exclusive1CDr FM Stereo BroadcastABroadcast: 2003-12-13
2005-08-05NeuhardenbergPark at Castle Neuhardenberg2CDrFMA+-
2008-02-12London, BBC Radio Theatre Broadcasting House Live and Exclusive1CDrFM Stereo BroadcastABroadcast: 2008-03-15
DateVenueTitleNo of DisksLabel/SourceSoundArt/setlist/info
2012-06-03NewcastleSlieve Donard Resort1CDr/90m-A-
2012-07-06Rotterdam, AhoyNorth Sea Jazz Festival2CDr-A-
2014-09-10Dublin, Olympia TheatreLit Up InsideFlac-A-
2015-07-17GentGent JazzFlacAudANot a very inspired Van
2015-08-31BelfastLive On Cyprus AvenueFlacFM Stereo BroadcastA+Mix early & late shows broadcasted on 2015-12-30.
2015-12-30London BBC studioBBC RadioFlac/studio-A+Highlights from Van Morrison's homecoming concert on Belfast's Cypress Avenue (2015-08-31), alongside an exclusive interview with him looking back at his early life in the city.
2016-07-07Montreux, Auditorium StravinskiMontreux Jazz FestivalFlacSbernstein/JTTAVan in good shape.
2016-09-29London? BBC Radio TheatreBBC Radio 2 In Concert1CDr/90mRadio 2 FMA+/ABroadcast Live Soundcheck Ken Bruce Programme & concert
2018-08-02Schwetzingen, SchlossparkMusik im Park 2018Flac'Biddie' Recording/AudATaper: Van was in very good mood. At some point he encouraged people to dance in front of stage.
2019-06-11HamburgStadtpark Open AirFlacRCM/AudABand: Van Morrison vocals, harp, sax; Paul Moore bass; Paul Moran keys, horns, vocals; Dave Keary guitar, vocals; Mez Clough drums; Dana Masters vocals, percussion; Teena Lyle percussion.