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Bob Dylan

1966 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 48 shows
DateVenueTitleNo of DisksLabel/SourceSoundArt/setlist/info
1966-00-00VariousJewels & Binoculars1DVD/Flac-8-10Exhaustive labor of love collection of 26 discs that attempts to capture every known 1966 Dylan-recording
1966-01/02/03/06New York City, NY Columbia Recording Studios/Nashville, TN Columbia Music Row Studios/London Levy's Recording StudioNow Your Mouth Cries Wolf2CDrHollow Horn/studioAStudio outtakes Blonde On Blonde, the convention speech Levy's Recording Studio, London & some UK Mono Mixes. See Compilations: Hollow Horn Studio Outtakes vol 2
1966-04-13Sydney, The StadiumHappy Dylennium2CDrRattlesnake 009-109-
1966-04-13Sydney, The StadiumA Phoenix in April2CDrScorpio GBS 66-1/2/Sbd9Part of the Scorpio Genuine Live 1966 box set.
1966-04-20Melbourne, Festival HallThe Children's CrusadeFlacScorpio GBS 66-37Part of the Scorpio Genuine Live 1966 box set.
1966-05-05Dublin, Adelphi TheatreThe Live Dylan1CDrBulldog BGCD 008 Sbd6.5One of the first CD bootlegs
1966-05-12,14,16,19Various Great BritainA Nightly ritual2CDrScorpio GBS 66-5/68Part of the Scorpio Genuine Live 1966 box set.
1966-05-17Manchester, Free Trade HallGuitars Kissing & the Contemporary Fix2CDrScorpio 51766 A/E10Official released as Bootleg Series vol. 4
1966-05-17,26,27Manchester & LondonThe Genuine Royal Albert Hall Concerts2CDrScorpio GBS 66-7/89Part of the Scorpio Genuine Live 1966 box set.