The Rolling Stones

DateVenueTitleNo of DisksLabel/SourceSoundArt/Setlists/Info
1961-1964variousBeginning of the English Blues1CDr-B/Abbc-recordings
1963-1965LondonLive in London1CDrStarlife HRCD 52027A-
1963-1979variousUnsurpassed Masters 1963-1979 Vol 1-6FlacJWK remastervarious-One of the best sounding and cohesive collection of Rolling Stones outtakes
1964/1965Chicago, IL, Chess StudiosThe Chess Sessions1CDrA Sister Morphine Production/StudioA-
1964-1970variousThe Black Box4CDrYellow Dog/StudioA+-
1964-03-19LondonCops and Robbers1EPMono TMQ MaxiANot for trade
1964-04-26-Alternate First LP1CDr-AOriginal date of release 1964-04-26
1966-00-00-Could YOU Walk On The Water?1CDrStudioA+Rejected 1966 album, scheduled for release on March 10, 1966. This compilation is what is supposed to have been the first version of Aftermath.
1966-07-28Honolulu, Hawaii International CenterSo Much Younger Then Today1CDrSwinging PigA-Good sound for that period.
1968-00-00London, Olympic Studio'sAlternate Beggars Banquet1CDrStudioA+alt+demos etc
1968-00-00London, Olympic Studio'sMentholated Sandwich1CDrTorn & Frayed/StudioA+Remastered Beggers Banquet by Mickboy + outtakes, pirate nft
1968-1972-Taxile on Mainstreet1CDrStudioA-
1968-06-04/07London, RedlandsRSVP New Version1CDrDiamond BucksASome recording/digital mistakes
1968-1994variousAcoustic Motherfuckers1CDrKobra/StudioAArtStones
1969-1971variousMain Street Revisited2CDrStudio/SbdA+/B+Remastered Exile on Main Street by Mickboy + outtakes, pirate nft
1969-1972various I Gave You Diamonds, You Give Me DiseaseFlacSister Morphine Morph-015/Studio/SbdA+/B+The Exile on Main St. outtakes
1969-00-00LondonGet Yer Ya Ya's Out1CDr-ATorn&Frayed Mickboy Remaster, pirate nft
1969-00-00LondonAlternate Let it Bleed1CDr-Aalt+demos etc
1969-00-00LondonGet what you Need1CDrTorn & Frayed/StudioA+Remastered Let It Bleed by Mickboy + outtakes, pirate nft
1969-00-00United States, variousGimme Shelter2LPTMQA-nft
1969-11-09Oakland, CALive'r than you'll ever be1CDr-A-Second Show
1969-11-09Oakland, CALive'r than you'll ever beFlacLiberated Tarantura bootlegA-First & second show
1969-11-09Oakland, CALive'r than you'll ever be2LPHoboB+Second Show; nft
1969-11-10San Diego, CA-FlacTMQA-From an original 1973 first pressing color vinyl TMOQ LP. Incomplete show.
1970/1971LondonGet a Line on You1CDrVinyl Gang/StudioA--
1970-09-16BerlinThere 's a riot goin' on!!1CDrShaved Disc TSD006A--
1971-00-00variousSticky Fingers Alternate1CDrStudioA+-
1971-00-00variousTastes so Good1CDrTorn & Frayed/StudioA+Remastered Stickey Fingers by Mickboy + outtakes, pirate nft
1971-03-03Leeds UniversityGet Your Leeds Lungs Out1CDroMono Swingin'Pig/SbdA-
1972-06-00New York City, NY, Madison Square GardenWelcome to New York!1LPTMQA-nft
1972-06-24/25Houston, TX, Fort WorthYou can't do that Baby2CDr-A-
1972-07-00-Unreleased Decca Live Album 19721CDr/TaoStonehengeB+-
1972-07-21Philadelphia, PAThe SpectrumFlacSbdAEarly show, except tracks 11 and 12 from late show
1972-07-22Pennsylvania, PA Civic ArenaAn American Affair: Live In Pittsburgh 1972FlacLiberated Vinyl Gang bootleg/Sbd>B+-
1973-00-00-Goat's Head Soup Reheated1CDrTorned & FrayedA+Remastered Goat's Head Soup by Mickboy + outtakes, pirate nft
1973-10-02/10Hamburg, EssenThe Stars in the Sky they never Lie1LP-B+nft
1975-06-15Buffalo, NY Memorial AuditoriumHottest in Hell1CDrTSD013/SbdA-
1975-07-13Los Angeles, CAInglewood Forum Live2CDr-A--
1976-00-00Europe, variousGather no Moss1LPLilliput RecordsB+nft
1979-10-17BrusselsBrussels Affair, Definitive Edition!2CDrRattlesnake/SbdAlot of digital disturbance
1995-00-00variousStripped Companion1CDrRSTS/SbdA+Studio and livetracks
1995-05-27Amsterdam, ParadisoThe Foottappers and the Wheel Shunters Club2CDrAudA-Clubgig for 'Stripped'
1998-02-03San Diego, CA-2CDrDandelion/FMA--
2003-01-18New YorkCity, NY, Madison Square Garden-1CDr/TaoFM recordingAIncompleet concert, small gaps in some tracks
2003-08-16Utrecht, VredenburgLucky Me!2CDr-B+-
2003-08-27LondonAt the Astoria2CDrCrystal CatA--