I'm only trading on special request. If you want to make a trade, mail me your wishes and tradelist. I use branddiscs and burn them DAO (Disc At Once) from my harddisc with low speed (8x) and send them in sleeves via Priority Air Mail.
If possible I trade with artwork, via email or the web.
Rating for soundquality is subjective, for most Dylan-titels I use www.bobsboots.com.
For a lot of other Dylan-info see bjorner.com/bob.htm.
I'm based in the Netherlands: robsboots@hotmail.com


Around 1600 William Shakespeare was the most bootlegged artist. In 1525 William Tyndale was garotted and then burnt for translating the New Testament in English. Astonished? In his richly anecdotal book 'BOOTLEG! The rise & fall of the secret Recording Industry'(ISBN 1-84449-151-X) Clinton Heylin shows the whole history of the bootleg record industry. And the riscs you take by SELLING music of others.

This site is about TRADING music, not about copying and spreading plays or books like in old times. Although you can find Romeo and Juliet here, as a Lou Reed-composition. The bootlegindustry started with Bob Dylan's GWW, Great White Wonder; this collection is built around Dylan's work. It is a search after his roots, and all the crossroads. So, its about a lot: traditionals, folk, blues, pop, rock, americana, roots, rap.

WANTED: All Dave Van Ronk, Blaze Foley and Eric Von Schmidt which is missing on my site.

URGENT REQUEST: please don't send me TAO-discs (gaps between tracks) without warning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!