Bob Dylan Compilations & Series

Hollow Horn Reference Recording: Studio Outtakes
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1961-1964New York City, NY Columbia Recording StudioVol 1: Walk Like A Duck Smell Like a Skunk2CDrHollow Horn/studioAStudio outtakes from the first 4 acoustic albums. Though most of the outtakes represented here, there are several 'alternate' versions of some of the outtakes that, due to lack of space, have not been included.These alternate outtakes will be included on the final disc of the series, along with any other 'orphaned' tracks from other discs.
1965/1966variousVol 2: Now Your Mouth Cries Wolf2CDrHollow Horn/studioAOuttakes Bringing It All Back Home (January 1965); Highway 61 Revisited (June - August 1965); Blonde On Blonde (October 1965 - March 1966). Also included: convention speech from the Levy's Recording Studio, London (1965-05-12); Blonde On Blonde UK Mono Mixes.
1969-1971Nashville, TN; New York City, NYVol 3: A Dog That Talks, A Fish That Walks2CDrHollow Horn/studioAContains outtakes from Nashville Skyline (February 1969); with Johnny Cash; Self Portrait (May 1969 - March 1970); The Studio Sessions With Happy Traum, (March - September 1971). A collaboration on New Morning with George Harrison (May 1970); New Morning (June 1970); the Studio Sessions (November 1971).
1973/1974variousVol 4: Blood On Your Saddle2CDrHollow Horn/studioAOuttakes Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid (Jan-Feb 1973); Blood On The Tracks (Sept-Dec 1974)
1973-1981variousVol 5: Where The Monkey Dances2CDrHollow Horn/studioAOuttakes Planet Waves (November 1973); Desire (July - October 1975); session with Bette Midler (October 1975); Street Legal (April - May 1978); Slow Train Coming (April - May 1979); Shot of Love (March - May 1981).
----Hollow Horn/StudioA-
1985-1990New York City, NY; Los Angeles, CA; New Orleans, LAVol 7: A Man With No Alibi2CDrHollow Horn/studioA/A-Outtakes Empire Burlesque (July 1984-March 1985); Down in the Groove (April 1987); Oh Mercy (February-April 1989); Under the Red Sky (January-March 1990).
1988-1994variousVol 8: Park It Where The Sun Don't Shine2CDrHollow Horn/studioA Alternative orphaned tracks fom the previous 7 volumes that could not otherwise be used because of lack of space. Outtakes from the traveling Wilburys vol's 1 & 3, individual tracks from Studio sessions from 1992 & 1994, a track from World Gone Wrong May 1993 and a tribute track to Jimmie Rodgers with Emmylou Harris from May 1994.

Hollow Horn Reference Recording: Recording Artist
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1962-1964variousVol 1: Let My Poor Voice Be Heard2CDrHollow Horn/studioA/A-Features all the available tracks that were recorded for publishing purposes for both Leeds Music and Witmark and Sons in the 1962-1964 period. This is the first time in many years that this material has been gathered together. Info
-variousVol 2: -Hollow Horn/studio--
1963-1965variousVol 3: One Push Of The Button, Some Big TV Network TV Shows Part I2CDrHollow Horn/studioA/A-Collection audio of various rare Bob Dylan television appearances. Most occur between 1963 to 1965, but Hollow Horn also include his performance of "Gotta Serve Somebody" from the 22nd Grammy Awards. All of the tapes used are in good to very good sound quality taped straight from the telecasts. CD I songs 1-3 Folksongs and more, March 4, 1963; songs 4-5 Songs of Freedom, July 30, 1963; songs 6-11 Quest, February 1, 1964; song 12 Steve Allen Show, February 25, 1964; song 13 Tonight, May 1964; song 14 Hallelujah, May 14, 1964; songs 15-16 Les Crane Show, February 17, 1965; songs 17-18 Johnny Cash TV Show, May 1, 1969. CD II songs 1-8 BBC TV, June 1, 1965. Info
1975-1992variousVol 4: Some Big TV Network TV Shows Part II2CDr-Hollow Horn/studioA/A-Some Big TV Network continues where One Push Of The Button left off by collecting the major television appearances beginning in the mid seventies going up to 2002. Disc 1: 1-3 World Of John Hammond, September 10th, 1975; 4-6 Saturday Night Live, October 20th, 1979; 7-9 David Letterman, March 22nd, 1984; 10 Martin Luther King Birthday Tribute, January 20th, 1986; 11 Chabod Telethon, August 1986; 12 The Gershwin Gala, March 11th, 1987; 13-14 Hall Of Fame, January 20th, 1988; 15 Grammy Awards, February 20th, 1991; 16 David Letterman, January 18th, 1992. Disc 2: 1-4 Hill Of Muses, June 27th, 1989; 5-6 Willie Nelson Big 6-0, April 28th, 1993; 7 David Letterman, November 18th, 1993; 8-12 Hall Of Fame, September 2nd, 1995; 13 Sinatra Birthday, November 19th, 1995; 14 Grammy Awards, February 25th, 1998; 15 Johnny Cash Tribute, March 1999; Academy Awards, March 26th, 2001; 17 Grammy Awards, February 27th, 2002. Info
1994-11-17/18New York City, NY Sony Music StudiosVol 5: The Ghost Of Electricity2CDrHollow Horn/studioA+MTV Unplugged Program. Taping occurred over two nights in Sony Studios in front of a young and enthusiastic audience. Hollow Horn presents the two sets in their entirety in excellent quality. Info
1961-2002variousVol 6: Friends Will Arrive: Studio Sessions (Take 1)2CDrHollow Horn/StudioASongs and sessions Dylan contributed to other artists. Disc one and the first three tracks of disc two feature Dylan on vocals and contain a varied selection of rare tunes. These tracks were collected from rare singles, compilations and movie soundtracks between 1986 to 2007. Most of the second disc contains tracks from other artists where Dylan appears as a side musician dating from the first in 1961 through 1972. On most of these songs he is employed for his harmonia. Info
1972-1990variousVol 7: Friends Will Disappear: Studio Sessions (Take 2)2CDrHollow Horn/studioAFriends Will Disappear continues where Friends Will Arrive leaves off, documenting more of Bob Dylanís sideman sessions over 1972 to 1990. Info

Hollow Horn Reference Recording: Performing Artist
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1958-1962variousVol 1: Ten Million In A Week2CDrHollow Horn/HometapesB-/A-Compilation of very earliest non-studio recordings. Mostly from 1960 and 1961 plus four songs from a 1958 home tape and six from a 1962 home tape. 67 tracks in total (although some of these are incomplete fragments). These are all tapes done in homes or apartments; the sound quality is not more than listenable. The May 1961 tape, which takes up all of disc two, sounds pretty decent. Aside from the four very historically interesting, but muffled and sloppy, 1958 rock & roll songs he did at home with friends while in high school, it's all folk music, and mostly covers. Info
1961/1962variousVol 2: Like Marlon Brando2CDrHollow Horn/Hometapes & liveB/A1961: Gaslight Cafe, New York City (6 september); Carnegie Recital Hall, New York City (4 november); Bonnie Beechers apartment, Minneapolis (22 december). 1962: Carnegie Hall Hootenanny, New York City(22 september). Info
1962New York City, NY; QuebecVol 3: For Somebody By Somebody 2CDrHollow HornA-/APerformances at Gerde's Folk City, New York City 1962-04-16; Finjan Club, Montreal, Quebec, 1962-07-02; Gaslight Cafe, New York City 1962-10. Info
1963New York City, NYVol 4: Find Out Why2CDrHollow HornAContains two great concerts: Town Hall, 1963-04-12 and Carnegie Hall, 1963-10-26. Info
1963-1965VariousVol 5: Does anybody Have An 'E' Harmonica?2CDrHollow HornAGerde's Folk City Basement, 8 February '63; The Bear, Chicago, Illinois, 25 April '63; Newport Folk Festival, 26-28 July '63; Forest Hill Music Festival, 17 August '63; Newport Folk Festival, 24-28 July '64; Newport Folk Festival, 24-25 July '65. Info
1965Manchester, Los Angeles-Vol 6: What Are You Trying To Say?2CDrHollow HornA/A- Contains two concerts: 1965-05-07 Manchester, Free Tradehall; 1965-09-03 Los Angeles, CA Hollywood Bowl. Info
--Vol 7: -Hollow Horn--

Hollow Horn Reference Recording: Encore
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1963-10-26New York City, NY Carnegie HallVol 1: Unravelled Tales2CDr-Hollow HornA+A must have concert. info
1963-04-12New York City, NY Town HallVol 2: Stolen Moments2CDrHollow Horn/Sbd10Complete show, perfect performance and recording. A must have! Also available as New York Town Hall 1963. Unbelievable this recording is not part of The Bootleg Series. Info
--Vol 3: -Hollow Horn--
1969-08-31Isle of WhiteVol 4: Mighty Mockingbird1CDrHollow HornB+Dylan's at the 1969 Isle Of Wight Festival, his first significant public appearance in more than three years. Info

The Genuine Bootleg Series
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--Take 1: ----
--Take 2: ----
--Take 3: ----
--Take 4: ----
1961-1991variousCrossing the Great Divide3CDr-A-BAlso mentioned as The Genuine Bootleg Series, Take 4. Early Hawks material; outtakes from 1965-1967 The Basement Tapes and Big Pink sessions; outtakes from The Band, Rock of Ages, and Planet Waves; various Band live recordings; bits of a 1988 Levon Helm concert; and three demos for Jericho. Art/Info

I Was So Much Younger Than
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1958/1963variousVolume 12CDrDandelion 075-761-8Earliest known recordings of Robert Zimmerman, and later, Bob Dylan. Lot of tracks are of poor soundquality, but have historic value. John Bucklen Tape, Hibbing, MN (1958); Minnesota Party Tape, Minneapolis (September 1960); Gerdes Folk City, NY (September 29, 1961); Billy James Interview, NY CBS tape (November 1961); Cynthia Gooding NY apartment tape (February/March 1962); Madhouse On Castle Street, London, (December 30, 1962); Karen Wallace Tapes, St. Paul, MN (May 1960).
1958/1963variousVolume 22CDrDandelion 077-781-8Recorded at the NY home of Eve & Mac McKenzie: First McKenzie Tape November 23, 1961 & December 4, 1961; Second McKenzie Tape (April 12, 1963); Indian Neck Folk Festival, Branford, CT (May 6, 1961); Oscar Brand Festival WNYC NY (October 29, 1961); Oscar Brand Show WNYC NY (March 1963); Steve Allen TV show LA, CA (February 25, 1964); Les Crane Show WABC-TV/NY (February 17, 1965).

Thousand Highways Collection
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2015-10/11-00variousMelancholy Mood1CDrThousand Highways CollectionACompilation of all ten covers played during European fall tour: Melancholy Mood (Basel, November 13); Where Are You (Copenhagen, October 8); The Night We Called It A Day (Hamburg, November 9); Why Try To Change Me Now (Hamburg, November 9); Full Moon & Empty Arms (London, October 22); All Or Nothing At All (Saarbrucken, October 17); Come Rain Or Come Shine (Basel, November 14); I'm A Fool To Want You (Bregenz, November 16); What'll I Do (Copenhagen, October 8); Autumn Leaves (Oslo, October 1)

Various Compilations
DateVenueTitleNo of DisksLabel/SourceSoundArt/setlist/info
1961-1962variousThe Wild And Rambling BoyFlac/4CD box setWonderland Records WLR-2128variousContains: Carnegie Chapter Hall 1961-11-04; Columbia Studios New York 1961-11-20&22 1st album outtakes; Bonnie Beechers Appartment Minneapolis 1961-12-22; Leeds Music Demos early january 1962; WBAI Radio New York Cynthia Gooding's Folksingers Choice 1962-03-11
1962-1992variousYou Don't Know MeFlac/4CD box setGreat Dane 9314A/B/C/D8Bobsboots: 'Some of the best live highlights and rarities of a (to this point) 30 year career'.
1992-00-00various AustraliaSongs for Australian Folkies1CDr-A/A-Compilation of traditional folk songs Dylan played during his 1992 Australian tour. Eight traditional folk songs, six live debuts. Only known live performances of Little Maggie and The Lady Of Carlisle.
1992-2000variousLive As I Been To You1CDrfan compilationA+/A-All songs live played from album Good As I Been To You from November 3, 1992