Bob Dylan 1990's

1990 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 93 shows, 132 different songs played
According to Dylan, the Never Ending Tour ends already halfway this year when G.E Smith leaves the band. Guitarists were auditioned live on stage during the concerts in August en September.
The summertour, with lots of big festivals in Europe, lacked already the intimacy of small venues, inspiration and the surprising interaction between the chattering Dylan and audience from the excellent springtour. Biggest change this year: the band stays for backing on stage during the acoustic set. Dylan plays 31 from the 132 different songs only once.
DateVenueTitleNo of DisksLabel/SourceSoundArt/setlist/info
1990-00-00VariousGetting Harder and Harder to See a New SunriseFlacRed Sky/1007/10087Audience recordings of various rarities from the fall 1990 Midwest USA tour
1990-01/03/04Los Angeles, CA Ocean Way Recording & The ComplexA Man With No Alibi2CDrHollow Horn/studioARecordingsessions Under the Red Sky. See Compilations: Hollow Horn Studio Outtakes Vol 7
1990-01-12New Haven, CTToad's Place4CDrWanted Man WMM 027/0285/6This first concert in 1990 was kind of a public rehearsal with all song played electric. Toad's Place is a small venue with a capacity of 700 places . With four sets and a total of 4.06 hours and 50 songs, this is the longest Dylan-concert in history.
1990-01-30ParisNight of the Grand Rex2CDrMainstream MAST-109/110 LB-11018A--
1990-02-03LondonHammersmith Odeon2CDr-A-
1990-02-05LondonHammersmith Odeon2CDr-A--
1990-02-08LondonHammersmith Odeon2CDr-A-
1990-04/05Bel Air, CA Wilbury Mountain StudioPark It Where The Sun Don't Shine2CDrHollow Horn/studioAOuttakes Traveling Wilburys Vol 3. See Compilations: Hollow Horn Studio Outtakes vol 8
1990-10-19New York City, NYNew York City 19901CDr/90mLB-1181 JF MasterA-

1991 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 101 shows, 107 different songs played
An almost new band, with guitar players Cesar Diaz and John Jackson, and drummer Ian Wallace, starts with chaotic concerts with unrecognisable versions of songs and standard setlists. Dylan sounds bored, almost drunk sometimes, with a rough, nasal voice. As the year progresses, the show will be better. In general the acoustic sets are fare better than the monotone electric sets.
No new album this year, but the first issue of The Bootleg Series is a sensation.
DateVenueTitleNo of DisksLabel/SourceSoundArt/setlist/info
1991-02-10London Hammersmith OdeonLondon 1991 Volume three1CDr/90minLegendary Taper BA-An uninspired Dylan
1991-06-12Budapest, KisstadiumWhen First Unto This Country2CDr/90minHoly Grail Series LB-1839A-Setlist contains First Unto This Country, a traditional Dylan only played twice.
1991-06-23Hamburg, StadtparkI Gave A Toast To All The Ladies There2CDrHoly Grail Series LB-1849A-
1991-06-29Ringe, DenmarkMidtfyns Festival2CDrLB-2615A--
1991-11-05Madison, WI, Dane County ColiseumMadison '911CDrRed Sky 10038Great concert, Dylan and band in good shape this US fall tour.

1992 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 92 shows, 101 different songs played
During this year the sound is enriched with some alterations in the band. Winston Watson is added as (second) drummer (and percussion). Bucky Baxter plays pedal steel guitar, electric slide guitar & mandolin. With Dylan (vocal & guitar), John Jackson (guitar), Tony Garnier (bass) and Ian Wallace (drums) six players are on stage.
The rocking sound is replaced by loose arrangements with solos and improvisation. The biggest surprise: during the first (Australian) tour Idiot Wind reappeared on the set list till august 30, when it was played for the last time ever. Dylan plays his masterpiece from the album Blood on the Tracks 15 times in 1976 (shortly after his divorce, where the song is about) and 40 times in 1992.
Good As I Been To You, an album of covers and traditionals, is released on oktober 30. The only song performed is Little Maggie in the beginning of the year in Australia, although Dylan plays a lot of other traditional this year.
DateVenueTitleNo of DisksLabel/SourceSoundArt/setlist/info
1992-00-00various AustraliaSongs for Australian Folkies1CDr-A/A-Compilation of traditional folk songs Dylan played during his 1992 Australian tour. Eight traditional folk songs, six live debuts. Only known live performances of Little Maggie and The Lady Of Carlisle.
1992-04-16SydneyState Theatre2CDrLB-1571A--
1992-04-24Waikiki Shell, Waikiki, HawaiiParadise, Hawaiian Style2CDr/SbdQ Records 11-129.5Crystal clear soundboard, nice setlist, some great acoustic songs but a rather flat, slovenly singing Dylan.
1992-05-09San Jose-2CDrpdub masterA-
1992-06-00variousPark It Where The Sun Don't Shine2CDrHollow Horn/studioAStudio Sessions. See Compilations: Hollow Horn Studio Outtakes vol 8
1992-11-02Youngstown, OH, Stanbaugh AuditoriumHimself2CDrTuff Bites 94.10037-
1992-11-09Sarasota, FL Van Wezel Performing Arts CenterGulf Coast Highway2CDrGoldMasters: Dy020 LB-11010A-Sound lacks the right amount of bass; great performance

1993 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 80 shows, 79 different songs played
Introduction for the shows: "Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Bob Dylan".
Touring band: Bucky Baxter, pedal steel guitar, electric mandolin & electric slide guitar; John Jackson, guitar; Tony Garnier, bass; Winston Watson, drums & percussion.
In contrast to the beginning of the NET, with short crisp songs, the first tour legs are characterized by the ever growing length of the tracks with long drawn out improvisations. Songs from twelve to fourteen minutes are no exception. Nevertheless, the shows are dynamic, with harsh electrical songs interspersed with sensitive acoustic songs. In the fall tour, when showtime is cut short from 2.20 hours to under 1.30 because of touring together with Santana, the songs are shorter again.
Highlights of the year, and maybe of the whole NET, are the four shows on 16 and 17 November at The Supper Club in New York City. The shows are around one hour and all acoustic. Every show is growing better and include traditionals of Good As I Been To You and the this month to be released World Gone Wrong, also an album with only covers. Musically Dylan is at its peak, unfortunately his voice is sharp and nasal. The Supper Club shows are captured in excellent soundboard recordings, but are never official released.
DateVenueTitleNo of DisksLabel/SourceSoundArt/setlist/info
1993-00-00JapanMr D's Collection #31CDrSony XDCS 93133A+Promo CD
1993-02-15Utrecht, VredenburgMoving On To Holland2CDrRattleSnake 179-180/Sbd9.5-
1993-04-19Huntsville, AL Von Braun Concert HallHard Times In Alabama2CDrReal Live RL36-1/28Good audience recording of a great show in a small venue.
1993-05-05Austin, TX"Willie Nelson Big Six-0"2CDrRattleSnake 179-180/TV broadcast audio9.52 fillers from bootleg Hard Times In Alabama: Pancho And Lefty (great duet w/ Willie Nelson); Hard Times
1993-06-29MarseilleHard Times in Marseille2CDrMoonlight Records ML 95-10/11/Sbd8Standard performance with extended jams.
1993-09-09Vienna, VAWolf Trap Farm Park1CDr/90mLB-274/SbdASome scattered level fluctuations, some songs fade out before the end.
1993-09-12Mansfield, MA Performing Arts CenterGreat Woods2CDrWild Wolf 99-C-031 A/B /Sbd10All is perfect here, performance, setlist and soundboard quality. Even the filler is outstanding: One More Cup Of Coffee. Incorrectly dated as 09-13
1993-11-16New York City, NY, Supper ClubGenuine Supper Club Soundboards1CDrScorpio BD-93-1/Sbd10First show
1993-11-16New York City, NY, Supper ClubGenuine Supper Club Soundboards1CDrScorpio BD-93-2/Sbd10Second show
1993-11-17New York City, NY, Supper ClubGenuine Supper Club Soundboards1CDrScorpio BD-93-4/Sbd9First show
1993-11-17New York City, NY, Supper ClubGenuine Supper Club Soundboards1CDrScorpio BD-93-3/Sbd10Second Show

1994 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 104 shows, 76 different songs played
Touring band: Bucky Baxter (pedal/lap-steel guitar/mandolin); Tony Garnier (bass); John Jackson (guitar); Winston Watson (drums).
Five tours, in Asia, US and Europe and, in between, the Great Music Experience in Nara, Japan, and the MTV Unplugged recording.
In the first leg Dylan is touring in Asia. First in Japan, after that for the first time in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. The setlists (12 or 13 songs plus 2 encores) are whole year through rather unchanged, with Jokerman -not played since 1984- as standard opener and Masters of War as the acoustic highlight.
Only one live debut: The Lady Came From Baltimore, a song from Tim Harding on april 6 in Davenport.
DateVenueTitleNo of DisksLabel/SourceSoundArt/setlist/info
1994-02-12Osaka, Castle HallDinner in Osaka2CDrCherry Blossom/DYOS 05-068-9Bonus: 1994-02-20 Tokyo; 1994-02-11 Nagoya
1994-02-16Hiroshima, Kosel NenkinSensei1CDrHome Records 5987-98An emotional highlight of the NET in Hiroshima, target of the first nuclear bombing. For the first time in over 30 years Dylan playes a acoustic version op Masters of War. Heartbreaking. Incomplete concert.
1994-05-20/22Nara, Japan Tadaiji TempleThe Great Experience1CDrLiberated bootleg LB-0558/SbdAThe Great Music Experience was a concert, held over three nights, starring Japanese and international musicians staged at the eighth century Buddhist temple of Todai-ji and was partly backed by UNESCO. Dylan performed the same three songs each day: A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall, I Shall Be Released and Ring Them Bells. He was backed by the New Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra and a backing group with Jim Keltner on drums and Ray Cooper on percussion. Dylan's performance was stunning. Each concert ended with I Shall Be Released (again) with all the participating artists on stage. The last day was broadcast live on radio and TV in over 50 countries.
1994-07-03Paris, Parc de BourgetNapoleon in Rags2CDrRazors Edge 007-0088-
1994-07-17Krakow, Cracovia Football StadiumInside The Rain1CDrDon't Ya Tell Henry8.5-
1994-08-14Saugerties, NYNorth Stage1CDrCrystal Cat Records 3459.5Woodstock II. Release of Woodstock 94 contains only Highway 61
1994-08-29Detroit, Michigan State FairgroundsAlways On My Mind Vol. 12CDrExclusive Series 011/Sbd9-
1994-10-08Boston, Orpheum TheaterBlue-eyed Boston Boy2CDrRazor’s Edge 012-139-
1994-10-19/20New York, NY Roseland BallroomPositively West 52nd Street3CDrSbd LB-8904ALast 2 trackt disc 3 w/Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen on guitar. Contains two out of three nights.
1994-11-17New York City, Sony Music StudiosAfternoon Acoustic1CDrWild Wolf/Colosseum 11/17/94 00-C-047/Sbd9MTV Unplugged rehearsal; w/Brendan O'Brien (organ)
1994-11-17/18New York City, NY Sony Music StudiosThe Ghost Of Electricity2CDrHollow Horn/studioAComplete taping for unplugged program. See: Compilations Hollow Horn Reference Recording: Recording Artist; w/Brendan O'Brien (organ)

1995 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 116 shows, 98 different songs played
Touring band: Bucky Baxter (pedal/lap-steelguitar/mandolin); Tony Garnier (bass); John Jackson (guitar); Winston Watson (drums).
No live debuts. 116 concerts (two tours in Europe, three in the US) are the most played till then. Guest appearances from Van Morrison, Carole King, Elvis Costello, Patti Smith.
Dylan is praised for the excellent quality of the live performances, especially the acoustic parts and his harmonica solo's. The show structure: 6 electric songs, 3 acoustic, 3 electric and 2 encores.
No releases of albums with new songs. MTV Unplugged is released.
DateVenueTitleNo of DisksLabel/SourceSoundArt/setlist/info
1995-03-11Praag, Kongresový sál Palác kultury1995 European Tour2CDrDoberman DBM269-2738/9Part of five disc release of European tour; complete show. Dylan is recovering from flu and is playing in Prague some songs without a guitar. That works works wonderfully well.
1995-03-15Aschaffenburg, UnterfrankenhalleDown in the FloodFlacMoney Maker Records MR-007ADifferent voice and short show due to illness Dylan; missing: I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
1995-03-23Brussels, Vorst NationalMillion Faces At My Feet2CDrTuff Bites 95.10199-10-
1995-03-26BrightonBrighton Centre2CDrTaken from master, Olav additional sound masterAOutstanding show with a great dark played Man In The Long Black Coat
1995-03-30London, Brixton AcademyF*** The Playlist: Brixton II2CDrSterling Sounds BD001-028/9-
1995-03-31London, Brixton AcademyBob's full house2CDr/TaoSterling Sounds BD003-048.5-
1995-04-11Dublin, The Point TheatreDublin Final 19952CDr-A-w/Van Morrison, Carole King & Elvis Costello
1995-05-27Monterey, CA Laguna Seca DazeGuided by the Eternal Light2CDrTuff Bites 95/1026/Sbd10Great show in excellent soundboard quality, with, as often this year, an outstanding acoustic set: Mr. Tambourine Man, Masters of War & To Ramona. Bonustracks 1995 San Diego, Palm Desert, Las Vegas, Philadelphia audience recordings, most of high quality.
1995-05-27Monterey, CA Laguna Seca DazeLoud and Strong2CDr/TaoWhite Rabbit 003-410-
1995-06-21,22Philadelphia, Living ArtsThe Pedlar Now Speaks2CDrRazor's Edge 019-0209-
1995-06-25Washington DC, RFK StadiumSummer Night 19952CDrQ Records 9/108.5-
1995-06-29Oslo, SpektrumSalt for Salt2CDrCrystal Cat Records 367-688-
1995-07-12Dordmund GermanySummer Tour 1995 Vol.22CDrIppy 014-0155-
1995-07-24Barcelona, El Pueblo EspañolMaestroFlacQR Records QR1/2 LB-6890ASound quality improves after 2 songs
1995-09-23Ft Lauderdale, FLThe Edge Club1CDr/90mLB1260A-Private party/free show, lot of audience chatter. 14 songs played, 8 covers. After That Lucky Old Sun Dylan mumbles: "I'm trying to turn bullshit into gold".
1995-10-26Bloomington, IN Un. AuditoriumPledging my time2CDrCrystal Cat Records 383-848-9-
1995-12-13Bethlehem, PABethlehem2CDrWalkin'DudeAw/With Patti Smith
1995-12-17Philadelphia, Electric FactoryParadise Regained2CDrRazor's Edge 025-0268digital tics

1996 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 86 shows, 94 different songs played
Touring band: Bucky Baxter (pedal/lap-steel guitar/mandolin); Tony Garnier (bass); John Jackson (guitar); Winston Watson (drums). David Kemper (formerly Jerry Garcia Band) replacing Winston Watson on drums in the fall tour.
Much of the same in the three legs in USA and Canada (spring), Europe (summer) and USA (fall) again. About the same set structure and only three song debuts: The New Minglewood Blues, Shake Sugaree, This Wheel's On Fire. No new material was released. The Genuine Bootleg Series - Take Two is released.
Guest appearances include Jewel Kilcher (guitar), Roger McGuinn (vocals and guitar), Al Kooper (keyboards), Ron Wood (guitar), Van Morrison (vocals), Nils Lofgren (guitar), Ray Benson and James Burton, Roger McQuinn, Paul James, Dave Matthews (Band).
DateVenueTitleNo of DisksLabel/SourceSoundArt/setlist/info
1996-04-19Portland, ME State TheaterEverything's Been Returned Which Was Owed2CDrHoly GrailA-A fine This Wheels on Fire, which was played live for the first time on 04/13 in Madison. And a susprising acoustic Visions of Johanna
1996-04-20Portland, ME State TheaterWhat Good Am I?2CDrHoly GrailA--
1996-05-11Buffalo, NY Houston Gym Sports ArenaCrazy Sorrow2CDrThinman 113-1148-
1996-06-17Berlin, TempodromSoul2CDrKiss 021-2210Excellent show. Live debut cover Shake Sugaree (Elizabeth Cotton).
1996-06-24Differdange, Luxembourg Hall OmnisportsYou May Call Me Zimmy2CDrLucky Records LR003/48Again an excellent acoustic set, with Visions Of Johanna, Masters Of War & It's All Over Now Baby Blue.
1996-06-26Liverpool, Empire TheatreLoving of Liverpool2CDrMainstream 047-0489-
1996-07-03Konstanz, GermanyAlways On My Mind Vol. 21CDrExclusive Series 0129-
1996-07-12Magdeburg, StadthalleEyes of the Idol2CDrQ Records 13-148-
1996-07-23CopenhagenIn Christiania2CDrCrystal Cat Records 407-088-9-
1996-07-24CopenhagenIn Christiania2CDrCrystal Cat Records 409-108-9-
1996-08-03AtlantaHouse of the Blues2CDrHOB 001/002/Sbd9House of the Blues was a venue in downtown Atlanta for the Olympic Games. At the close of that sportsevent, Dylan performed two shows of high quality. This is a fine mixed 'line' recording from the house video.
This bootleg is on the cover sleeve wrong dated on august 8.

DateVenueTitleNo of DisksLabel/SourceSoundArt/setlist/info
1997-02-11Tokyo International Forum Hall Across That Lonesome Ocean2CDrHoly Grail Series LB-1547A-
1997-04-01VariousBathed in a Stream of Pure Heat2CDrQ Records 16-179-10-
1997-04-19Hartford, CT University of HartfordWicked Messenger2CDrBODY 97-A/B9-
1997-08-22Virginia Beach, VirginiaGTE Amphitheater1CDr-A-
1997-08-23,24Vienna, Wolf Trap Performing Arts CenterWeekend At Wolftrap3CDrScorpio ScBo001-2-3/Sbd8.5-9.5-
1997-10-03Cardiff International ArenaNever Mind the Bollocks, Here's Bob Dylan2CDrDigital Sounds MACH 08-098-
1997-10-05 London, Wembley ArenaLove Sick At Wembley2CDrCrystal Cat 442-435Fillers: Bournemouth 97/10/01; Cardiff 97/10/03; Bologna 97/09/27
1997-12-08New York CityWhite Dove2CDrDandeloin 083-84/Sbd10-
1997-12-10Philadelphia, PA Trocadero2CDrLB-5150A-
1997-12-19Los Angeles, CA, El Rey TheaterEven After All This Years2CDrDandelion 043-449-10-
1997-12-20Los Angeles, CA El Rey TheaterOh Babe It Ain't No Lie2CDrDung Beetle/Dung 001.A/B8-9 Bonus: El Rey Theater LA, CA December 19, 1997 W/ Sheryl Crow on accordion and vocals on Knockin' On Heaven's Door

DateVenueTitleNo of DisksLabel/SourceSoundArt/setlist/info
1998-01-16New York City, Madison Square GardenTime and Time Again2CDrDandelion 041-428-
1998-01-16/21New York City, Madison Square Garden Voices in the Garden1CDrQ-Records QR-20, LB-69178Acoustic performances of the five nights in the Garden.
1998-02-15Toledo, OhioA Knife, a Fork, a Bottle and a Cork2CDrJunkyard Angel 0029-
1998-05-19San JoseSan Jose '98 Soundboard1CDrBD005/Sbd10-
1998-05-21Los Angeles UCLA Pauley PavilionSicklove2CDrLiberated BootAfillers: Van Morrison
1998-06-09StockholmAt the Globe Arena3CDrCrystal Cat Records 464-6610-
1998-06-10GoteburgScandinavium2CDrCrystal Cat 908-909, unreleased LB-3033A-
1998-07-04Villafranca, Italy-3CDrBachA-
1998-09-22Puyallup, Washington, WA Puyallup State FairPackin' Up In PuyallupFlacThinman 060/0619.5Highly recommended show
1998-10-23Minneapolis, Target CenterEating Caviar in a King Sise Bed2CDrRattle Snake 011-12/Sbd9.5-
1998-10-25Chicago, IlHigh Degree Theif2CDrTambourine Man Records 014-1510(6.5 bonus)-

DateVenueTitleNo of DisksLabel/SourceSoundArt/setlist/info
1999-02-15Grand Rapids, MI Van Andel ArenaHonky Tonk BluesFlacMontserrat/GR15.02.99 1/27-
1999-02-25Portland, Maine Civic CenterDressed Up Like A Squire2CDrMighty Quinn 001A-
1999-04-22Barcelona, Palacio Municipale Des EsportesRestless Hungry Feelings2CDrQ Records 26-279-
1999-04-28LjubljanaRoadmaps for the Soul2CDrRattlesnake 064/65/Sbd9-
1999-04-29Graz, AustriaGraz 19992CDrBachA-
1999-04-30Vienna, StadthalleRolling Through Stormy Weather2CDrDandelion 125-268.5Scratch track 2 disc 2
1999-06-14EugeneOregon 1999 Soundboard2CDrDylantree/Sbd10-
1999-06-16Sacramento, CAArco Arena2CDr-Aw/Paul Simon
1999-06-30New York City, NYCrossroadsFlacSbdACrossroads Benefit Concert w/Eric Clapton
1999-07-26,27Tramps & Madison Square Garden, NYCNo More Alibis3CDrRattlesnake 003-4-58-
1999-07-28Holmdel, NJ-2CDrSchubert/AudA--
1999-10-26Chicago, IlPark West2CDrLB-4725 & LB-4728Aearly & late show
1999-11-14Worcester, MA Centrum ArenaHighlands Of Worcester1CDrWild Wolf 11.14.998Incomplete recording. Missing: Love Sick, Like A Rolling Stone, Not Fade Away.
1999-11-19Atlantic City, NJ Sands Casino Copa RoomRamblin, Gamblin Casino Man2CDrRattlesnake 018-199-